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Shoulder Pain Testimonials San Diego — 2

Patricia M.'s 5-star review for shoulder pain relief

Before I came to Dr. Samila H. Hifai, DC, I could not take a deep breath, walk up stairs without shortness of breath, ride my bike, and weight lift. I awoke from a nap with a sharp knife-like pain in my left shoulder blade – no injury. I waited a week to seek treatment and suffered terribly, not able to sleep at night. On my initial visit, my pain was at a 9 – very consistent. After 3 consecutive visits with Dr. Samila H. Hifai, DC, my pain was down to a 3 or 4 and felt more like pressure. A day later, I was riding my bike again and doing my weights! My initial pain was worse than being in labor. By day five, after suffering from pain a week before, I was back to normal – no drugs involved! My entire family sees Dr. Samila H. Hifai, DC, and now I share the same confidence in her. P.S. I worked in healthcare for 35 years, so I feel very qualified to recommend this delightful office.

Patricia M.
San Diego, California

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Patient consultation with chiropractor
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