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Home Stretches San Diego

How to Properly Stretch

warm up stretches

Neck Pain Stretches & Exercises

Neck stretches for Neck Relief

Neck Range of Motion Stretch

Step by step Neck Roll Exercises

Hot Shower Cervical Spine Stretch

Lower Back Stretch - Side to Side Rocks

Mid Back Stretch

Improve spinal flexibility and prevent back pain

Angry Cat/Happy Puppy

Improve spinal flexibility and Prevent back pain

Prayer Stretch

Great Upper and Lower Back Stretch

Lateral Bend Stretches for Lower Back Pain

Great stretch for rhomboids, mid-back, shoulder blade pains

Cross Over Stretch

Great stretch for sciatic pain

Gas Pedal Stretch

Great stretch for rhomboids, mid-back, shoulder blade pains

Frozen Shoulder Exercise

Shoulder Wall Walk Exercises for Frozen Shoulder

Single Knee to Chest

Good for Lower back pain, gluteal stretching and hamstrings

Single Knee to Opposite Shoulder

Good for Lower back pain, gluteal stretch, hip and hamstrings

Double Knee to Chest

Good for lower back pain and gluteal stretching

Figure 4’s

Great for stretching your iliopsoas/groin area and piriformis

Butterfly Stretch

Good for Hip pain and adductor stretch/Inner thighs

Seated Piriformis

Good for hip pain relief, piriformis pain, and IT band

Hip Adductor Groin Stretch

Hamstring Stretch

Standing Hamstring Stretch

Great for lower back and hamstring relief

Lower Calf Gastrocnemius Stretch

Great stretch for your calf

Lower Calf Soleus Stretch

Great stretch for lower leg

Standing Hula Hoop Exercise

Great for trunk rotation and core stabilizing

Patient consultation with chiropractor
Patient consultation with chiropractor
Patient receiving massage
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