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Headache & Migraine Testimonials San Diego

C. H.'s 5-star review for headache relief

Tried it all except Chiropractic Care!

I came to Hifai Chiropractic because I have been having headaches since February of 2019. I had to stop playing sports such as softball and field hockey. I missed some school as well because of my headaches. I tried taking medication, did physical therapy, biofeedback, acupuncture and even acupressure treatments.

I was concerned when I started chiropractic care if I had to spend money again on something else and maybe Chiropractic wouldn’t work. I started care with Dr. Hifai and my headaches started to lessen, and I have even started coaching softball now!

I think if I did not give Chiropractic a chance I would have more headaches, possibly even worse headaches as well. I know I would have not started coaching softball and may not have even continued school like I am now.

If you have headaches and have tried everything and haven’t tried Chiropractic try it! I worked for me.

C. H.
San Diego, California
Valerie A.'s 5-star review on yelp for headache relief

I had moderate vertigo for years, and after a few weeks of visits with Dr. Samila H. Hifai, DC, it is completely gone. She and her staff are super friendly and caring, and I always feel better after visiting.

Valerie A.
San Diego, California
Megan F.'s 5-star review for headache relief

When I started care at Hifai Chiropractic I suffered with Migraines for years. I would miss events, had to leave work early and was irritable. I tried pain medication, icing, and even stretching. I was concerned to start Chiropractic care because I was not sure if it would be expensive, and I was scared of Chiropractic care because I really did not understand what it entailed. Chiropractic care has helped me so much, I rarely have headaches or migraines, my shoulder tension has lessened, and I DO NOT HAVE TO TAKE PAIN MEDICATION, I GET ADJUSTED. If I did not start care I think I would still be in pain, irritable and likely suffering from back pain too. I have been a patient of Dr. Samila H. Hifai, DC’s since February of 2020. If you are considering Chiropractic care I would recommend coming in and at least get a consultation with Dr. Samila H. Hifai, DC, I wouldn’t have even known I had Scoliosis if she didn’t evaluate me and recommend x-rays for my condition.

Megan F.
San Diego, California
Julia F.'s 5-star review on yelp for headache relief

If you are looking for back pain relief, or even just maintenance, Hifai Chiropractic is the place! When I started here nearly 3 years ago, I was in constant pain. Headaches all the time. And driving had become so challenging...I was constantly fussing with my seat adjustment trying to get comfortable (to no avail)...and twisting my head left and right was near impossible. Fast forward to today, and I feel so much better! Far fewer headaches and comfortable driving!! After I had a slip and fall mid-way through treatment, Dr. Samila H. Hifai, DC took incredible care to make sure I got back to my full health. The entire staff here are friendly and knowledgeable. And all the treatment beds are an added bonus! There's also on-site massage and acupuncture. Dr. Samila H. Hifai, DC uses a variety of methodologies to adjust, so if you're afraid of the twists, fear not. She can use a tool instead. I highly recommend this practice!

Julia F.
Irvine, California
Arleen J.'s 5-star review on facebook for headache relief

We have been coming to Dr. Samila H. Hifai, DC's office for 4 years now and we love it ( that is why we keep coming back!) Dr. Samila H. Hifai, DC and her staff is very nice and real knowledgable! My youngest son was complaining about headaches & lower back pain. With a couple visits the headaches were gone!

Arleen J.
San Diego, California

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