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General Testimonials San Diego

H.E.'s 5-star review by email

I have suffered from Neuropathy (numbness in my feet and hands) since chemotherapy treatments for cancer over 10 years ago.

Inactivity and depression during the pandemic made my problem much worse and my balance became affected. In 2018 I started falling with subsequent fractures in both my right foot and left wrist. I needed extensive physical therapy, but my poor balance did not improve my husband brought home a card from Dr. Samila Hifai for an exam for Neuropathy treatment! I've had regular chiropractic adjustments since college but have never heard of either a medical or Chiropractic treatment for numbness before. Started treatment on 6.1.2023, I was amazed by the depth of the exam and treatment I received from Dr. Hifai- I received massage bed treatment, laser light therapy, electrical stimulation and superb alignments that eliminated the back and neck soreness very quickly.

I had 3 kinds of machines for vibrating infrared light treatment plus electric pulsing for the muscles in my feet, legs and lower back as well as oral supplements of L-Argenine.

I experienced an excitement that caused me to become hopeful for the first time after a few weeks of treatment.

On Tuesday September 5th, I was re-evaluated and found huge improvements almost across the board. My balance has become so stable, I can walk the dog and even take Tai Chi and dance classes.

I am sleeping even better, my hair and fingernails have thickened and become stronger!

Bravo Dr.Hifai and your loving caring staff!

San Diego, California
Kathryn L.'s 5-star review on Google

For being in as much pain as I was when I first came in, they sure do work miracles. I feel 100 times better than I ever have. Thank you for doing what you do!!!

Kathryn L.
San Diego, California
Jaime C.'s 5-star review on Google

Fantastic place & great staff.

Jaime C.
San Diego, California
William F.'s 5-star review on Google

Professional and polite.

William F.
San Diego, California
Elle G.'s 5-star review on google

First of all, Dr. Samila H. Hifai, DC and her staff are wonderful, super nice and sweet!!! From the moment you walk in, you're greated with a warm and friendly smile from Kari and Yuri (front desk staff) Everytime I'm there, I always get treated like family! Such a relaxing atmosphere and I just love the smell of the essential oils diffusing in the waiting lobby/room. Plus everyone is very helpful when it comes to any questions or concerns you might have. On one of my visits with Dr.Hifai, I got the most relaxing massage EVER! The aqua water bed massage is sooo relaxing, I was about to fall asleep! Seriously guys that's how good it is! Here's a tip to all: make sure to 'CHECK IN' with Yelp and get in on this free offer, you won't regret it. The office always has some sort of promotion going on for either new or existing patients, patient appreciation parties and giveaways! They also email you when they have last minute apointments available. Office is right off the 56 freeway & located in a shopping center that has plenty of parking. I highly recommend Dr. Samila H. Hifai, DC to anyone looking for a caring, loving and great chiropractor.

Elle G.
San Diego, California

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Patient consultation with chiropractor
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