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Back Pain Testimonials San Diego — 3

Eileen T.'s 5-star review on yelp for back pain

Came here to see Dr. Samila H. Hifai, DC because of back pains. When I first walked into the office, I was greeted by the front desk. Checked in and waited in the waiting room. My appt was at 1030 but was seen exactly at 1045. They are gonna point out if you are two minutes late, which I overhead them talk to one of their patients when she came in a couple mins late for her session. When the doctor took me into her office, she went over what I was experiencing. She even did a muscle test on me and compared a "normal" muscle chart to my "actual" muscle chart which I thought was pretty helpful. She then had me do a water massage and heat pad massage before she could do work on my lower back. I thought the massages were pretty soothing and relaxing. After, Dr. Samila H. Hifai, DC did a few work on my back and neck. I could hear my body crack but it WAS NOT PAINFUL at all. If anything, it helped relieve the pain I was experiencing. She applied Biofreeze after she was done so that I don't feel too much soreness the following day. I highly recommend her. She is a very nice person who cares about your body and wants to get you to do things without pain.

Eileen T.
San Diego, California
I. T.'s 5-star review on yelp for back pain

I have my second appointment this afternoon. The treatment was nice. I'm looking for a permanent fix but doubt there is such a thing. Such a relaxing atmosphere. The treatment is high class. Complimentary Tea in the lounge and Candy surrounded by tempting delights for the body for sale that include massage oils, body lotion, and scented candles. I went in for my first ever Chiropractor visit. Although my back isn't permanently in tip-top condition, I felt better after the first visit. First part of my visit I got a tension level assessment done on my back to determine the proper treatment for my case. Part of the visit included 2 kinds of relaxing and soothing massages to stretch out the spine and melt tension away. Doc "cracked my bones" and left me with a care package complete with gel samples and reading material on the importance of healthy living.

I. T.
San Diego, California
Julia F.'s 5-star review on yelp for back pain

If you are looking for back pain relief, or even just maintenance, Hifai Chiropractic is the place! When I started here nearly 3 years ago, I was in constant pain. Headaches all the time. And driving had become so challenging...I was constantly fussing with my seat adjustment trying to get comfortable (to no avail)...and twisting my head left and right was near impossible. Fast forward to today, and I feel so much better! Far fewer headaches and comfortable driving!! After I had a slip and fall mid-way through treatment, Dr. Samila H. Hifai, DC took incredible care to make sure I got back to my full health. The entire staff here are friendly and knowledgeable. And all the treatment beds are an added bonus! There's also on-site massage and acupuncture. Dr. Samila H. Hifai, DC uses a variety of methodologies to adjust, so if you're afraid of the twists, fear not. She can use a tool instead. I highly recommend this practice!

Julia F.
Irvine, California
Alexis M.'s 5-star review on yelp for back pain

Wow is really all I can say! I had held off on going to a chiropractor due to my PCP telling me that it really is not necessary, and I am just so glad I did. Dr. Samila H. Hifai, DC is so informative, direct , and compassionate when it comes to her patients! She really makes you feel like you are at home. Her office has very chill, relaxing vibe and is my "happy place". They accept insurance, and have amazing packages if you are a cash paying patient. SUPER affordable . I encourage anyone looking to please pay her and her five - star staff a visit. Really. And I'm a hard one to impress! Wouldn't rather trust anyone else with my spine/back. lol Definitely a 5-star office.

Alexis M.
San Diego, California
Jacki W.'s 5-star review on yelp for back pain

I have been going to Dr. Samila H. Hifai, DC for well over a year now. When I first decided to go, it was after not being able to put my own pants on for over six months due to my lumbar spine. I have already had 2 spine surgeries so avoiding surgery was my main goal. I assumed during the 6 months, avoiding surgery meant living with not being able to bend or put on my pants.....Until I met Dr. Samila H. Hifai, DC. When I finally made the appt, they got my in quickly, the staff was very kind and Dr. Samila H. Hifai, DC did a very thorough assessment of what was going on. After only about 3 visits, I was able to touch my toes, walk without "grunting" and didn't even go back to the surgeon for follow up. When I have big gaps of not seeing her, my back does often return to the pain and stiffness but all I do is go back to Dr. Samila H. Hifai, DC and like magic, I can move again! No surgery for me! She also always always has found a way to squeeze me in anytime I'm in "urgent" pain and discomfort, even the same day. Most recently, aside from my spine, I have had many other health problems. Upon just basic conversation, I mention all these problems and how I have no primary care doctor. Her response, SHE CALLS HER FRIEND WHO IS A PRIMARY DOCTOR ON THE SPOT AND GETS ME HOOKED UP TO GET HELP ASAP. This was of absolutely no benefit to her but just out of kindness. And what she may not have known is I was so tired and overwhelmed with my many health issues, I wasn't going to call on my own. I just couldnt help myself out of just fatigue of the situation. Unexpected savior at the chiropractor that day! Above and beyond care! Thanks Dr Hifai and staff.

Jacki W.
El Cajon, California
Brittany C.'s 5-star review on yelp for back pain

Me and my dad came to Dr. Samila H. Hifai, DC after a car accident. Dr. Samila H. Hifai, DC and her team walks you through all the treatments. They scan your back at the beginning, during, and end of your treatment so you can see the progress. Dr. Samila H. Hifai, DC will crack your back (+ neck) in places where you have pain. For anyone that has never had any chiropractic treatment, don't be afraid! The adjustments and beds are not painful at all, and staff will adjust them to your liking. The pain and tension in my back and neck have gone down. Thank you to Dr. Samila H. Hifai, DC, Miriam, Bee, and Maribelle!

Brittany C.
San Diego, California
Mela D.'s 5-star review on facebook for back pain

I was referred to Dr. Samila H. Hifai, DC by my former Sr. Office Manager Lori Correl & one of the former Computer Professor Maria Reyes, they both told me to go & let her help me with my numerous pains back in 2008. Today, I am going in for another treatment for Sciatica, the last time I went in over a week ago, the pain had stop. I over did myself by walking in heels at Balboa Park & the pain return... I am buying walking shoes... she is excellent

Mela D.
San Diego, California
Wynn A.'s 5-star review on facebook for back pain

We absolutely love Dr Haifai and her staff! My husband and I both go to her and she is critical to our back and neck pain. She is compassionate and a true professional.

Wynn A.
San Diego, California
Arleen J.'s 5-star review on facebook for back pain

We have been coming to Dr. Samila H. Hifai, DC's office for 4 years now and we love it ( that is why we keep coming back!) Dr. Samila H. Hifai, DC and her staff is very nice and real knowledgable! My youngest son was complaining about headaches & lower back pain. With a couple visits the headaches were gone!

Arleen J.
San Diego, California
Nina W.'s 5-star review on facebook for back pain relief

This doctor is fabulous. Staff are caring and friendly. Dr. Samila H. Hifai, DC is knowledgeable and cares for her patients. I am so relieved of my years and years of back, arm, and neck pain. Now that I am singing in a chorus holding a music folder for looking periods of time she is also addressing my hand and thumb pain. Thank you so much Dr. Samila H. Hifai, DC.

Nina W.
San Diego, California

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