Stretching Videos

Hamstring Stretch

Hip Adductor Groin Stretch

Lower Calf Soleus Stretch

Lower Calf Gastrocnemius Stretch

Cross Over Stretch – Sciatica Pain

Neck Range of Motion Stretch

Standing Hula Hoop Exercise for Trunk Rotation and Core Stabilizing

Lateral Bend Stretch for Lower Back Pain

Prayer Stretch: Upper and Lower Back Stretch

Angry Cat Happy Puppy Stretch for Spinal Flexibility

Gas Pedal Stretch for Rhomboids, Mid-Back and Shoulder Blade Pain

Seated Piriformis: Good for hip pain relief, piriformis pain, and IT band

Butterfly Stretch: Good for Hip Pain and Adductor Stretch / Inner thighs

Figure 4’s: Great for stretching your iliopsoas/groin area and piriformis

Double Knee to Chest: Good for lower back pain and gluteal stretching

Single Knee to Opposite Shoulder: Good for Lower back pain, gluteal stretch, hip and hamstrings

Single Knee to Chest: Good for Lower back pain, gluteal stretching and hamstrings

Lower Back Stretch – Side to Side Rock

Hot Shower Stretch – Cervical Spine Stretch

Ear to Shoulder/Nose to Armpit, Neck Stretches