Chiropractic Care

Hifai Chiropractic proudly serves the community of San Diego by offering comprehensive chiropractic care in a compassionate and friendly environment.

Chiropractic Health Care

Chiropractic medicine is based around your body’s ability to recover. The human body is a self-regulating and self-healing machine. All voluntary and involuntary functions of the body are controlled by the brain and signals to your body’s frame communicate through the spinal column to the extremities of the body.

A poor functioning spinal column can cause a variety of different types of ailments. Whether a mis-aligned spine from a vehicle accident or a faulty mattress, stress on the spine can cause the nervous system to degrade and not work at full capacity. Chiropractic treatment gently adjusts or aligns the spine to improve the quality of life and keep the body structure functioning at maximum capacity.

Chiropractic Origins

Chiropractic was founded in the year of 1895. Cheiro and prakitkos are both Greek root words that have evolved to the word Chiropractic as we have come to know. This treatment was developed to restore normal physiological function of the human body. With proper nutrition and exercise, chiropractic treatment improves living conditions for many individuals.


There are approximately 65,000 registered Chiropractors in the United States. These specialists enhance the healing process by reducing interference to the central nervous system. When the interference has been identified and corrected, the healing process will be maximized while the body repairs itself from the inside out.

Chiropractic Adjustments:

Dr. Samila H. Hifai is a Palmer Graduate, that implements focused techniques for adjusting patience by using diversified adjustments, Activator and SOT blocking which are favorable practices for chiropractic therapies. Not only are these methods implemented but traditional phases approved by Dr. Hifai. These phases include acute, corrective, strengthening and maintenance or supportive treatments.

What is Subluxation?

Subluxation is the partial dislocation of a joint, and a full dislocation of a joint is luxation. When there is a dislocation, spinal nerves can become irritated and puts your body on overdrive. With the right chiropractic corrections, the functionality of these irritated nerves will be restored. If proper seating of these joints isn’t set correctly, you nervous system will not be in sync with the natural flow of movements, and the mind will be taxed trying to repair or mend the injury. A Chiropractors touch will boost the healing process.

Chiropractors are keen on isolating the pressure points of a subluxation and can correct the injury with instant results. Chiropractors use proven treatments or methods, designed to correct the vertebral subluxations in the spine. They are the only specialists who establish credibility with years of training to become subluxation correcting experts.


Family Treatment

Hifai Chiropractic specializes in treating people with many sizes and shapes. Dr. Hifai is able to help the entire family from young children and infants to people over 70 years of age. Subluxations can happen to anyone at any time and children can be adjusted anytime. Some doctors recommend newborns to see a chiropractor that specializes in subluxations to isolate possible injuries sustained from birth. Children and adults should be examined for subluxations after a sports injury or accident. Finding these problems will prevent the body from deteriorating as time goes on, if not treated.

Safety Comes First

Dr. Hifai makes adjustments safely on for the spinal column or specific vertebrae on anyone. By modifying each chiropractic adjustment to match the patient’s body type, Dr. Hifai is assuring the proper pressure and methods do not further injure anyone. For younger individuals, Dr. Hifai applies pediatric adjustment techniques to safely align the child’s body.

Recommended Adjustments

Correcting subluxations early will help eliminate possible damage. Think of it like preventative maintenance of the body. The longer subluxation is present the greater the risk in damaging the body’s frame. If subluxations aren’t corrected early or even later in life the body will continue to reproduce the results, meaning the body will think it’s repairing itself the right way when in reality, it will be growing or supporting the body the wrong way.

Aches and Pains aren’t present

Subluxations don’t always cause pain, and many go unnoticed. Subluxations can cause colic, ear infections and asthma. Chiropractors are there to treat the symptoms, but get to the root of the problem, and correct it. A healthy spine and nervous system creates a solid defense to battle against sickness. Dr. Hifai uses the “it’s not how your feeling but how you are healing” philosophy. This approach helps set your body up for success. Don’t wait around for something to happen. Be proactive and have Dr. Hifai correct the problems you’ve been missing.

Chiropractic Treatments and Pregnancy
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Women experience pain and discomfort when they are pregnant. Their bodies adapt to swift changes from carrying a child. Not only are hormonal changes wisping through the female body but biomechanical changes are materializing based on the female’s body to accommodate excess weight. This extra weight strains bones and muscle which leads complications with nerves, joints, connective tissues, and most of all posture. Hifai Chiropractic monitors these changes in the body and helps to keep a balance so reduce strain during pregnancy. Dr. Halfai will ensure that the spine, pelvis and nervous system are always performing at optimal levels while pregnant. Becoming free from subluxations will help with comfort and create less pain and shorter labors.

Chiropractic adjustments don’t harm the pregnant mother, or the unborn child. It is safe with Dr. Hifai, and will help to create a more comfortable delivery. Dr. Hifai uses top of the line Spinal Examination equipment with Surface Electromyography technology (SEMG) to evaluate levels of electrical activity associated with Vertebral Subluxation.

Chiropractic Session:

New patient visits include a complete chiropractic evaluation, neurological, testing and diagnosis to include heat therapy and physiotherapy if needed. Insurance is accepted and only costs $90.00 to $150 dollars.

Dr. Hifai will detect and correct these Vertebral Subluxations by a simple and effective procedure called an “adjustment.”

About SEMG

Myovision is a breakthrough technology that digitizes Surface Electromyography data and measures electrical pulses and activity when muscles are contracting or spasming. When your spin is not correctly aligned, it rubs against nerves and muscles spasm in order to stabilize that area. Myovision detects interference by reading the electrical activity of these spasms and charts the results. When the readings are complete the program will generate a report of an individual’s spinal column and identifies points for the doctor attend. This powerful technology is a valuable tool for the doctor to focus on areas of concern. A surface electromyography is similar to an EKG, measures the activity of the heart.

MYOVISION is a non-invasive and non-painful procedure that probes against skin to pick up electrical current. The procedure is seamless and allows the Chiropractor to complete the assessment and offer a proper diagnosis and facilitate treatments to improve the condition. This does not cause pain or irritation for the patient and is safe for infants, children, pregnant women and seniors. The entire test only lasts a few minutes, without any discomfort.

The measured results are graphed and tagged with color variations.

  • Green, is average
  • Pink, is moderately high
  • Red, indicates high levels of tension
  • Yellow readings indicate fatigued muscles
  • The arrow symbols point out areas of imbalance


Vertebral Subluxations reduce the ability for the body to maintain optimal health. If Vertebral Subluxations are present and identified, the nervous system is negatively affected. When this occurs, it can result in increases or decreases in muscle activity. The sEMG shows the muscular component of the Vertebral Subluxation Complex. The Chiropractor will detect and correct these subluxations by using an effected treatment of “adjustment” for the patient.

Ice and Heat Therapies:

Helps the injured areas, reduces pain or used to decrease inflammation.

Muscle Stimulation:

Aids in relaxation and healing of the muscles, good for acute and chronic injuries.

Ultrasound Therapies:

Aids in the healing process of over worked muscles, helps with breaking down developed areas of scar tissue, used in acute and chronic injures.

Inter-segmental Traction Table:

Aids in stretching and relieving pressure in your spine from your neck to your lower back.


Dr Samila Hifai in San Diego California is skilled at finding the key to your nervous system stress and relieving that tension with chiropractic treatment.