One on One Stretching Sessions

Stretching Sessions improve performance by opening neural pathways, helping alleviate pain and increasing flexibility and Range of Motion.

One on One stretch therapy is a 20 minute stretching session in which the patient is stretched by Dr. Hifai in San Diego.

Dr. Hifai will work with you to go over various stretching exercises, covering the whole body, and or a specific area of concern.

Various Techniques that are used to maximize the stretching benefits include:

  • Active and Passive Myofascial Release Techniques
  • Resistive Range of Motion
  • Contraction/Relaxation of muscles

Benefits of Stretching:

  • Increase your overall Flexibility
  • Hold your adjustment in position longer
  • Decrease muscle tension
  • Improve posture
  • Improve balance
  • Injury prevention
  • Improve muscle strength and function

If you would like more information about out One on One Stretching Sessions in San Diego California, please contact Dr. Hifai in San Diego 858-360-9000

Samila H. Hifai, D.C. QME, CKTP

Doctor Of Chiropractic

Qualified Medical Evaluator

Certified Kinesio-Taping Practitioner